How to Get Things Almost Free at Walgreens!

This Friday only you can save $5 on a $20 purchase at Walgreen’s using this coupon.  If you do not stack coupons and take advantage to drastically reduce your cost you should check out here and here.  The first link is a little tutorial on how to take advantage of using Walgreens coupons and the 2nd link is some pictures of receipts from one of our Forum members Hirambab that shows how if done correctly you can save some serious cash (as an example, one receipt shows items costing $106+ and he had to paid $1.41 (yes, one dollar and forty one cents!!!) because of stacking coupons and offers.  Doing it right can save you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

For those Gatorade fans out there, you can purchase 80 gallons worth of Gatorade powder packets for $48.26.  If you attempted to buy 80 gallons worth of premade Gatorade at the supermarket I would take a wild guess it would cost you around $300.  The nice thing about this deal is that the powder comes in 32 packets so you could split this deal among family/friends if you want to.

Sears is having a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale on Shoes and Athletic Apparel, so if you need a new pair of kicks or some summer shorts for basketball then you may want to check it out.  And for the Star Wars fans out there you can get a light saber keychain for $1.99 (free shipping) (also makes a nice stocking stuffer for those who purchase Christmas presents throughout the year).

Congrats go out to SCC76 who won this past week’s Weekly Giveaway.  Nobody correctly guessed the actor I was thinking of (who was Ryan Reynolds) so SCC76 was the winner selected at random.  This week’s giveaway is easy, simply tell us what the best deal you ever got was to be entered (entries can be made up through Sunday). 

Freebie of the Day: Today’s freebie is a free can of Mighty Dog dog food.  Look near the top right of the page and you’ll see where it says “Get your free can”.  Thanks to Mikimadness for posting this freebie!

Don’t Be Foolish, Buy a Coupon if You Need To

I’ve written about the site before and I’m going to write about them again. Why you ask… because they added a new section which I find very useful and you may too. Tostito added a section that allows you to search Ebay with one click for coupons of different retailers (you can go here to use it). There are quite a few retailers including Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Target, BBW, Walmart, Home Depot, etc… whose coupons you can look for on Ebay in literally 2 seconds. I know that paying for a coupon sounds counterintuitive, but in this case it is not. Read the rest of this entry »

Searching Ebay for Cheap Deals Made Easy


I love buying things on Ebay because the prices I can get are cheaper then any store price around. The one issue I have though with Ebay is that it is time consuming to search for many different things. You need to find the category, then type in the keyword, then filter the results, etc…  If I’m looking for an XBOX I will search throughout the course of a week for it in order to find a steal of a price, but there is no easy one click way to search for it so each time I visit Ebay I need to go through a process that takes up a good amount of my time. There is now an easy way for me (and you) to search Ebay and it was made possible by a friend of mine. He created the site a few days ago and I’m hooked on it.  I can search for the top electronics (Plasmas, XBOX, Wii, GPS, etc…) having to do only one click and it takes literally 2 seconds of my time.  I have used at least a dozen times in the past three days.  My friend asked me to do a little write up about the site here on UsedShoe to start to get the word out since I was telling him that I thought it was a great site that I’d be using almost daily, so if you are a regular Ebay user or an Ebay fanatic (like me), I think after one visit to you’ll be hooked like me.  Enjoy the site!

Ebay: A Guide for Beginners : How to Get Started on Ebay

Last month I wrote about my Top 8 Ebay Tricks of the Trade which you can find here. I had a few people contact me and tell me that they are interested in using Ebay but they don’t know where to begin and they are a little intimidated by it. Not a problem. If you are an Ebay user then you’ll already know what I’m about to say but if you are not experienced with Ebay and want to learn more then keep on reading… Read the rest of this entry »

Watch NFL Games Online Live for FREE – EVERY GAME!

This is great for NFL fans…

In the U.S. you can only watch all the NFL games if you get DirecTV. The package costs almost $300 so not everyone wants to shell out that money. There is an alternative if you’re sick and tired of watching only the local games… Read the rest of this entry »

Use Google to Get Free Music!

This is quick and easy and works perfectly if you need a song or two in a pinch…

You can use Google to find music that you can download for free. This takes literally 2 seconds to do and works like a charm. It will not work for every song in the world, but in testing it I’ve had about a 75% success rate… Read the rest of this entry »

Deal/Coupon Terms:

My Top 8 Ebay Tricks of the Trade

This comes from many years of Ebay experience so you should find these very useful…

I’ve used Ebay for years. I’ve been both a buyer and a seller and through my vast experience on Ebay I’ve come to learn some tips and tricks that maybe the average user doesn’t know, and definitely the newbie doesn’t know so I decided it would be beneficial to share these with you, and you can share them with anyone you know who uses Ebay but isn’t a seasoned user… Read the rest of this entry »

Deal/Coupon Terms:

Get Cash Back on 90% of your Online Purchases

If you are not getting cash back on your online purchases then stop buying until you read this article…

Buying on the internet is usually cheaper then buying at a physical store simply because the physical store has overhead as a cost that they build into their prices (i.e. paying for the store, electricity, large staff, property tax, etc…).  And there is also a way to make your online purchases even cheaper… by getting cash back on them! Read the rest of this entry »

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