Dell Promotion Over

The Dell laptop promotion is over, looks like my test will not be completed… time to find a new promo to attempt.

Watch the NFL Football Games Online on the Internet for Free

Want to watch NFL Games online for free?  I wrote an article last year which was very popular about how to do this, so I’m bringing the subject back since football time is upon us now. 

In the U.S. you can only watch all the NFL games if you get DirecTV. The package costs almost $300 so not everyone wants to shell out that money. There is an alternative if you’re sick and tired of watching only the local games… Read the rest of this entry »

Deal/Coupon Terms:

Find a Free Night at a Hotel

I wrote about this a while ago, but I just used it again the other day so I figured it would be a good time to write about this again for those who have forgotten about it and for any new readers…  Do you want to stay in a hotel for a night for free?


Well it is possible and I just got myself a free night stay in NYC again (the regular price on the room was $289).  I will still have to pay taxes when I stay there (you can’t avoid that) but I am saving myself almost a cool $300.  And it took me literally 20 minutes of my time.  Now it may take you longer or it may take you shorter, it just depends if you’re having a lucky day or not.  Here’s how you can do it:

You go HERE (this site is formerly known as and you find a hotel that you want to stay in.  You must select the hotel, the day, and the type of room (meaning a Queen bed room, or two doubles, etc…).  See what the final price (including taxes) will be.  Now go to any other “real” website on the internet and find that exact same type of room at the same hotel on the same day for a cheaper total price.  If you locate it cheaper somewhere else you have a winner!  What you do now is reserve the room through the WyndamRewards site.  You will need to provide a credit card to hold the room but you will not be charged (and almost every hotel allows you to cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the day you are supposed to stay there).  Now you should go HERE which is the place to file a claim on the WyndamRewards site.  Per this page you will see the following information:

“You can get the Guaranteed Best Available Rate or It’s Free when you book a stay with our participating hotel chains directly through Wyndham Rewards. Reserve with confidence when you book your reservation at or call 1.866.WYN.RWDS (1.866.996.7937). If you find a lower publicly available rate for the same hotel accommodation and date on another web site, we’ll give you your first night free!* “

Look at the middle of the page and you will see the link for the Claim Form.  Fill out the claim form which requires you to enter your reservation information with Wyndam and it will ask you the website that you found the better price on.  Enter the information and submit your claim.  They should respond within 24-48 hours and let you know if you are to receive the free room.  The most common reason why you will be REJECTED is because the room you reserved and the room you are comparing the price to have a different stipulation (and believe me they are very fussy about this).  If one room is smoking and the other room is non-smoking then your claim will be rejected.  Don’t fear, even if you try and your claim gets rejected you can call them and cancel your reservation and you lose nothing.  And if they accept your claim then you gain a free night in a hotel which can save you anywhere from $50-$400.  (Note: They will update their website prices once you inform them there is a cheaper price out there, so make sure you go through this process before telling all your friends to do it)

These are the chains that this offers qualifies for

If you need some suggestions on what website to compare prices against I would say Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, BookIt, and Priceline to name a few.

Freebie of the Day: I thought it would be a good idea to highlight a freebie each day from the Freebies Forum Board.   Member BumbleBear posted a freebie for a free bag of Purina One Dog or Cat Food for you pet owners out there.  You can find the deal Here and the Forum thread in located Here if you wanted to discuss this freebie.

If You Have a Kohl’s Charge Card this Sale is for You

For the next 5 days there are two promo codes that you can stack when ordering from Kohl’s (only if you use your Kohl’s charge card at checkout). One code is for 30% off your order and is GRANDOPEN30. The other code is for FREE shipping and is MVC2078. There are also some “hidden” areas with some very good deals. “Hidden” areas are abundant on the Kohl’s website and what I mean when I say hidden is that you cannot easily find them. The link to them are only on certain pages (as opposed to being on every page in the navigation bar). At any rate, if you’re in need of some toddler’s clothing (for boys or girls) you may want to check out this message board post HERE which has things on sale up to 90% off (BEFORE applying the 30% off coupon).  Happy bargain hunting!

Deal/Coupon Terms:

Watch “Lost” for Free Online and Get “God of War II” for $19.99

My favorite TV show is “Lost” and in case you happened to miss an episode (or if you don’t get cable or any tv stations at all like me) have no fear. You can watch Lost online for free (and the best part is that it’s legal!). Here is the link to the offical ABC site where you can watch every single episode of Lost for free!  If you have never watched this series I would highly recommend it and since it’s free you have nothing to lose.

My favorite video game (this is for Playstation) is God of War and its sequel God of War II. These games are absolutely amazing. From the game play, to the story line, to the graphics, to EVERYTHING! I cannot say enough good things about this game. The game is for a mature person (there is graphic violence and partial nudity) so I would not recommend buying it for the kids, but I sure as heck would buy it for myself (if I were you… I already own both). Here is a link to part 2 which just had its price drop Today! This game was selling for $30+ since it came out and today it has dropped to $19.99. This is a steal and when you see how amazing the game is you’ll agree that it is definitely worth the $19.99 (it was worth the $34.99 I paid when I bought it).

Western Digital 500GB External Hard Drive $71.96

If you need some storage space and have been waiting for prices to drop this is as low as I’ve seen for a name brand 500 gig external hard drive. The Western Digital My Book 500 gig’er is going for $71.96. Link to details

 The prices for 1TB external hard drives have fallen (a good on sale price is around $180-$190) but a lot of the 1TB drives are really just two 500 gig drives slapped together, so picking up 2 of these Western Digitals for $72 a pop is cheaper then any 1TB deals out there currently…

Blu Ray DVDs for $7.99 and Up

Link to Offer

If you want a great deal on some Blu Ray DVDs then here you go!  These are mostly guy movies, Saw, Rambo, Terminator, House of 1000 Corpses, etc…  but at $7.99 you won’t find a lower price.  I jumped on a few and I don’t have a Blu Ray player (yet), lol!  I suppose I’ll spring for a Blu Ray/HD DVD dual player when I find one on sale so if you know of any good sales on one let me know!!!  Enjoy!

Recap of Some Recent Deals and Freebies

If you haven’t been checking out the Forums then you’ve probably missed out on some good deals recently.  I’ll recap a few of them and if anything strikes your fancy you can check out the Forum section to find additional info on them:

Calvary 1TB Internal Sata drive for $189.99 + Free shipping

Sketchers Mandalay Shoes for $6.50 +  $0.99 shipping

Free $50 GIft Card from Best Buy if you purchased a HD DVD player there

Huge list of dresses from Wet Seal for $14.99 each

Craftsman 17 inch Handbox $1.97 (free in-store pickup)

Flip Video Camcorder $99.99 + Free Ship

Free Subscription to Oprah’s “O” Magazine

Free Movie Ticket from Fandango

Free Package for Bachelorette Parties

And coupons and coupon codes for a multitide of places such as: Footlocker, Office Depot, Sketchers, Kohls, Victoria’s Secret, GoDaddy, and more…





Are You Ready for March Madness?

If you’re excited about March Madness and you want to watch all the games you can do so here;


Here’s the details from the site:

NCAA March Madness® on Demand allows you to watch LIVE game broadcasts of CBS Sports television coverage of the NCAA Championship on your computer for FREE! This year, for the first time ever, you’ll be able to watch every game* of the NCAA Championship live online for free. All 63 games, from the First Round through the Final Four including the Championship Game, will be available with NCAA March Madness on Demand — so you’ll never have to miss a single shot.

  • NCAA March Madness on Demand is 100% free
  • Live games streaming on your broadband-connected computer
  • Enjoy Championship highlights, recaps, and archived video
  • 640×360 widescreen video player
  • Exclusive halftime show
  • Includes The NCAA Basketball Championship Selection Show
  • If You Use Ebay Then You May Like This…

    Here’s a common scenario for me, I want to buy something and I’m going to use Ebay to buy it, but I want to get a great price so I usually log onto Ebay every day and go through the multiple steps to search for what I want every day (you have to type in the product you are looking for, set your price range, eliminate results that are not relevant, etc…). This is a little annoying and if I could bypass the multiple steps and just be able to click one button and get the exact results I want that would be great, wouldn’t it? So in order to help myself (and anyone else who uses Ebay like me) I added an “Ebay It!” section to the site. You can check out the section HERE.  What is this section you ask?  Well let me tell you…  It is a simple and quick way to search Ebay with just one click.  There are 45 different products which you can search Ebay for with one click.  I manually went and filtered how each search works, meaning, if you are looking for a Blu Ray DVD then you probably have no interest in people trying to sell you one for $50, right?  So one of the filters I put in place is a price filter, this way only Good Deals will show up in the search results.  Another common problem is if you search for the phrase “Blu Ray DVD” it may return products such as “blu ray dvd cleaner” or “blue ray dvd cases” or “blu ray dvd scratched”.  Not a problem, I went through all 45 products and tried to filter it as best I could to remove any non-relevent results.  If you search for a laptop you do not have to worry about 200 different laptop batteries cluttering the search results.

    Using a quick and easy Ebay search method such as the Ebay It! section has led to me getting quite a few steals, my biggest steal was getting my TV for over $800 less then what Costco was charging for it!!!  One of the products is not really a product, it is a search result that will show you things on Ebay whose selling price is $1 or less (so maybe you can snag something for a buck).  So if you’re an avid Ebay user I’d suggest checking out the section and giving it a whirl to see if it makes life easier.  If you manage to get a great deal through using the Ebay It! section let us know!  Enjoy the feature!

    Getting Things for Free (How about Getting 2,600+ Things for Free?)

    If you’re a fan of getting things for free (who isn’t?) then if you haven’t been checking out the Freebies board in the Forums you are Missing Out (notice the Capital letters)!  The Freebies board is a little over 3 months old and in that time there are over 2,600 posts for free things you can get online.  From t-shirts, to pens, to gift cards, to magazines, you name it and it is probably there (no new cars though, sorry).  I personally get around 15 magazine subscriptions delivered (all for free!!!), I’ve gotten over 10 free t-shirts, more pens then I’ll ever use, and quite a plethora of other stuff.  Some people are skeptical of giving out your address to get something for “free” but believe it or not a majority of the items do come. You can check out This Thread which is where a lot of people like to list all the free things they get in the mail each day.  Because this Forum is relatively new don’t be afraid to check out not only the first page of free things listed, but things on the 10th page, the 30th page, heck, even the 80th page because a majority of the free item offers are still valid.  If you do happen to come across an offer that has expired just drop a line in the message thread and the moderators will move that thread to the “Dead Deals” section so it isn’t cluttering up space.  They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch (though I’ve gotten 2 free lunches as a result of the Freebies Forum) so if you have some spare time and feel like getting some free stuff then check it out.

    Tax Time… File for Free on the IRS Site if You Made <$54,000

    If you made less then $54,000 last year you can file your taxes online for free through the IRS website. Here is the link to the webpage.

    With Free File, you can:

    • Get a faster refund, in as little as 10 days with Direct Deposit.
    • File your taxes any hour of the day or night.
    • Save paper—and that helps all of us.

    And, with Free File you can relax because you’ll:

    • Benefit from Free File’s automatic checks for accuracy.
    • Receive a quick confirmation within 48 hours that your return was received.
    • Know that your return is safe and secure.

    If you’d like to discuss this there is a thread in the Forums section located here.

    It’s Like Having a DVD Rental Store in Your Family Room

    Netflix vs Blockbuster has been an ongoing battle for the past couple years but I think Netflix took a huge step in really squashing Blockbuster. If you want to read the full article you can do so HERE, I’ll give you the short version, basically Netflix allows members to view movies online (but only a certain number of hours per month), but in this article you will find that Netflix has just removed the restrictions so you can watch as many hours of movies/tv shows online as you want each month. Combine that with that fact that the prices for new TV have come way down and this gets to become a killer for Blockbuster because most new TVs can be connected to your computer, so now you can watch these ‘online movies’ from Netflix on your regular TV, it’s like having a movie rental store in your Family Room!

    Now, there are quite a few different ways to connect your computer to your TV, HERE is a great article that talks about the different ways. I’ll tell you from my personal experience that the easiest way to hook up your TV to your computer is through a VGA cable (this is the cable that connects your computer to your computer monitor), but your TV needs to have a VGA input in order for you to do this. Check out that article for other options in connecting your TV to your computer if you do not have a VGA input on your TV. If you’re a current Netflix subscriber then you can use this right now so get to it, but if you’re not a Netflix subscriber you can test this all out for free through a promotion that Netflix is having. Here is a link which will allow you to sign up to Netflix and try it out for free because it’s always better to try before you buy (or at least I think so). Enjoy!!!

    Deal Tracking Excel Based Download Available: Good for Tracking Deals, Freebies, Surveys

    Deal Tracker 1.0 Beta is available for download. This is my first stab at it so if there’s anything that you would like added, revised, etc… feel free to let me know in this message thread. You can download the file at  I didn’t want to tie up UsedShoe’s bandwith (because the file is a little over 4 megs) so I put it on  If you need any support with the file feel free to ask via the message thread.  The file is hopefully pretty straightforward and I believe it should be very easy to use (I tried to build it with those two items in mind).  If you have any feedback after using it I’d love to hear from you.  Enjoy the file!

    Get Something Free from Lane Bryant… and a $15 Motorola Blue Tooth

    Lane Bryant has a $15 off $15 coupon (good for in store only) so if you find a pair of jeans, a shirt, maybe a hat, or whatever you can get it for free (as long as it is $15) with this coupon, pretty sweet, huh? You can find the coupon HERE. This coupon expires on January 13th so if you’re going to use it you have about a week to do so.

    If you’re in need of a new Blue Tooth then you’re in luck, there is a Motorola Blue Tooth on sale for $14.99 with free shipping. You can find this HERE. It is compatible with all Bluetooth 1.1 items so most likely it will work with what you have. And it looks pretty nifty too.

    If you didn’t catch my previous post from a week ago, the sale for Blu Ray DVDs is still going on. It is buy 1 get 1 free and there are 80 movies to choose from (including Harry Potter, so you can pick up the first 4 Potters for $40 shipped). The HD DVD buy 1 get 1 free sale just ended, so I’m not sure if that means this Blu Ray sale will be ending shortly too, so if you haven’t jumped in on it yet but you want to, this may be your last chance to do so: LINK to Blu Ray Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale

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