Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Grey’s Anatomy, and some Updates

So He-Man and She-Ra were on sale for $10 per volume and now the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volumes are on sale for $9.99 per season (these are the box set dvds).  You can get volumes 1-6 for $9.99 each.  Here is volume 1 and here is volume 2.  If you want volumes 3-6 you can simply search for them.  This is a “special offer” $9.99 price so that means it won’t last forever I’m guessing.  I won’t be plastering the site with 80’s cartoon dvd box sets, but I feel that He-Man and TMNTs were classic enough to be worthy of mentions in case you want to have your kids watch some shows that you may have grown up on. 

Grab the first 3 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy for $57.99 shipped.  These normally sell for $40+ per season in the past so this is a pretty nice combo offer.  I’ve seen a few episodes and while they are entertaining it is too much like a soap opera for me.  But the females I know absolutely love the show.

Now that Black Friday is creeping up on us don’t forget I have an open standing offer to give away free Wii’s and games to go along with it to anyone who submits a Black Friday flyer to the site before it is published anywhere else online for a major retailer.  If interested you can read my offer here.

Now that the NFL (and college football) seasons are back in full swing if you feel like catch some games on the internet you can read this article I wrote from last year (which is the most popular article on the site).  If you for whatever reason didn’t get the Monday Night Football double header tonight on your tube you could have watched them online. 

Update on the General Motors diet ~ I did the GM Diet a few months ago (you can read about it here) and I had someone ask me recently how I’m doing now that it’s been a few months.  I’ve actually lost a few additional pounds.  Since I started the diet until today I lost 18 pounds.  I no longer eat late at night and I’m not as hungry as I was in the past.  I dropped a full size in pants and the shirts that I had from two years ago fit me again!  While the week of dieting was not very fun and required willpower I think it was one of my best decisions of the year.  If you want to lose some weight or change your eating habits I highly recommend the diet, but make sure you’re willing to stick to it for the full week.

Freebie of the Day: Thanks to Mikimadess for posting this freebie for a free bra.  Who can’t use a free bra?  Even if you’re a guy you can tie it around your head and pretend you just went on a panty raid (at least I’d find that funny).  Or maybe donating it to Goodwill would make a little more sense.  Regardless of what you do, enjoy the bra!

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