Watch the NFL Football Games Online on the Internet for Free

Want to watch NFL Games online for free?  I wrote an article last year which was very popular about how to do this, so I’m bringing the subject back since football time is upon us now. 

In the U.S. you can only watch all the NFL games if you get DirecTV. The package costs almost $300 so not everyone wants to shell out that money. There is an alternative if you’re sick and tired of watching only the local games…

You need to download a free program called SOPCAST. You can find this program at (under their download section). Like I said, it is a free program to use. After you download Sopcast you go here  and you’ll be in football heaven. This offers you direct links to watching the games on your Sopcast – so all you do is click the link of the game you want to watch, it will open your Sopcast program automatically (assuming you already downloaded and installed it) and after it buffers for a minute or two you’ll have the game on live. Not 100% of the game links work – sometimes the channel is offline.

Another option is  This option will not have as many games on every Sunday, but it may be good to try to find a game that maybe the first two sites don’t have.  And another option is downloading and installing the TVU Player.  You can get this player from TVUNetworks and like Streamick it will not offer a lot of games, but it may be useful in locating a game you can’t find anywhere else.

There you have four options for watching live NFL online.  DirecTV is ideal, but in my mind they are a monopoly and rip people off.  I called 2 days ago to ask them about getting the NFL ticket.  First off, you need to pay for their regular cable (which is $29.99/month for basic package of 45 channels).  Secondly, you are signed to a contract of either 18 or 24 months of having to buy this regular service.  If you cancel before you fulfill the contract you have to pay $20 for every month that is left on the contract.  And of course you then need to pay the $300 for the NFL ticket.  If there was an option to only subscribe to the NFL ticket I would have done it, but I’m not being forced into buying their service for 2 years, no thank you.  And the NFL should be ashamed that this is what us fans have to do to watch their games.

If you come across any other sites to watch the NFL online then feel free to leave a comment and let me know so I can update this article.  Enjoy the games!

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  1. tracy Says:

    my husband just loves this he can watch all of his games on here and i can have the tv back

  2. miike Says:

    hey tracy how do you get too watch it for free im trying to watch it also its not working for me help me plz

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