Select 2 Blu Ray DVDs for $30 (30 movie selection)

Best Buy is offering a promotion on Blu Ray DVDs where you can select two of them (from a list of 30) and get them for $30 total (prices are around $19.99 each so you’re saving a ten spot).  You can see the list here.  I’m contemplating picking up Blade Runner and Hellboy myself but it’s early in the day so I may swap out Hellboy for a different one… we’ll see.

You can pick up the Nextar 3.5″ GPS unit for $75 after rebate and coupon.  This is a pretty hot price for a cost conscious shopper.  Here is a link to the info and the coupon

There’s a limited number (at least that’s what it says on the page) of the Creative XDock Wireless music system for the iPod here.  Retail price is $149.99 and this is marked down to $49.99 so I’m sure these will be snapped up fast.  Here’s the product info:

iPod Compatibility / iPod nano 2nd generation aluminum)/ iPod 4th generation (color display)/ iPod 5th generation (video) / iPod 4th generation / iPod nano 1st generation / iPod mini 1st generation
More than just a wireless music system, Xdock Wireless features Xtreme Fidelity technology that makes your MP3s and other compressed music files sound better than the original CD. It plays all of the music from your iPod® wirelessly throughout your house and since it doesn’t rely on your home network, there are no delays, dropouts or interference to deal with, and no logins, passwords, or IP addresses to configure. Setup is simple—the wireless system works right out of the box. Listen to your MP3s, iTunes music collection, or Podcasts in Xtreme Fidelity clarity, anywhere in your home with Xdock Wireless.

Freebie of the Day: Today’s freebie is a 2 year subscription to Motor Trend magazine.  Here’s the link.

And if you are interested in reading my 7 day diet journey I “chronicled” it day by day… keep reading…

First off, you can find the diet here.  I did the diet for 7 days and did not stray from it, here is my day by day recap (I would write in the morning and then continue the recap the next day which is why you’ll see the “to be continued”‘s):

Day 1 Recap

What I ate: Half of a cantelope, 5 kiwis, 4 oranges, 2 nectarines, 4 apricots, 1 peach

Day 1 has come and gone and it was harder then I anticipated.  I thought since I was allowed to eat as many fruits as I wanted I would not be hungry… I was wrong.  From about 5:00 p.m. until I went to bed I was hungry.  The problem with fruits is that it’s mainly water and no substance.  I tried to space out eating the fruits and as an FYI: you don’t want to eat too many oranges in a row (because of the acidic nature of oranges) when you have an empty stomach.  I prepared my Day 2 food before bed.  I got my potato (which I will “bake” in the microwave tomorrow morning) and I made a monster of a salad which would probably fill about 6 bowls (lettuce, broccoli, onions).  I’ll add some red vinegar to the salad when I eat it (since dressing is obviously not allowed).

Day 2 Recap

I woke up this morning with a (hunger) headache.  I weighed myself this morning and I weighed in at 230 lbs which is a 2 pound loss from yesterday.  I ate my baked potato 20 minutes ago and it was VERY satisfying.  I never thought I could enjoy a plain baked potato as much as I did!  …to be continued

For lunch I ate about 1/3 of the salad I brought with me.  At first the salad was very good and then all of a sudden I got very sick of it.  I’m not a vegetable person by nature so maybe that was why, but eating all that salad turned me off of vegetables for the rest of the day.  From 1:30 p.m. until I went to bed at 2:30 a.m. I ate nothing (I drank several cups of water).  I worked out last night at around 7:00 p.m. and my energy level seemed normal.


Day 3

My daily weigh in was 228 lbs. which is another 2 person decrease from yesterday morning and a 4 lb loss in 2 days of dieting.  I have noticed that my pants feel *slightly* looser in the waist area which is good.  I’d be happy with dropping a size by the end of the week (though I’d have to find some good deals to buy new pants).  I brought a bag of fruits with me today, we’ll see how it goes… to be continued

I didn’t end up eating much today.  I ate 2 nectarines, 1 peach, and 1 apricot for lunch.  I went out to a restaurant for a gathering for dinner which was hard as everyone had appetizers and food that looked very good and I had my cup of water.  I ordered a salad with red vinegar.  They brought me a salad with some kind of creamy dressing that had red vinegar in it.  So I sent it back and told them ONLY red vinegar (on a sidenote, it is funny how unhealthy salad dressing is for you and I see people drench their salad with it, but they think they are eating healthy because they are eating a salad…  with that much dressing it is the same as eating a cheeseburger from McDonalds).  They brought me a new salad with red vinegar and after two bites I stopped eating it.  The salad wasn’t lettuce, instead it was spinach and this purple leafy stuff, and some other weird leaves in it which tasted horrible (at least to me).  Someone else asked if they had regular lettuce and they said no (what kind of restaurant doesn’t have regular lettuce?) so I didn’t eat anything for dinner.

Day 4

Today is bananas and milk day.  I brought a few bananas with me today and tonight I’ll make my banana/milk shake for dinner.  I feel a little lightheaded today which I’m sure is a result of only eating a handful of fruit at lunch time yesterday so I quickly gobbled up two bananas and had 2 cups of water in hopes that it’ll straighten me out.  I weighed in this morning at 225 lbs. which is a 3 lb decrease from yesterday and brings my 3 day total up to 7 lbs lost… to be continued

I ate 4 bananas during the day yesterday and when I got home I made a shake with 3 bananas and 3 cups of milk.  Just eating that filled me for the day.  I didn’t have time to exercise which I would have liked to do, but I’ll just exercise double on Saturday. 

Day 5

Today I get to eat some meat which I’m excited about.  I purchased lean steak and some plump tomatoes last night so I will feast today.  I was disappointed that I didn’t lose any weight when I weighed myself this morning, but hopefully doing some exercising today will help burn some fat calories I have stored up in me… to be continued

I ate my 20 ounces of beef in the form of a lean steak in the early afternoon with 3 of the required 6 tomatoes (I could not eat any more tomatoes during the day so I’ll need to eat the other 3 tomorrow).  Eating tomatoes in quantity makes you get sick of them rather fast.  I was not hungry for the rest of the day.

Day 6

Today’s morning weigh in went well as I weighed in at 223lbs which was a 2lb loss from yesterday.  This brings the nine day cumulative total to 9lbs lost.  Today I get to eat as much beef and vegetables as I want, and I have stocked up a supply of beef in the form of a london broil, a steak, and spare ribs… to be continued

I cooked the London broil on the grill around 1:00 p.m.   I sat down with the huge hunk of meat in front of me and got to work, but strangely enough after I ate half the amount I would have normally eaten I was grossly full.  I love meat, and I love eating meat, and I thought I would have put away the whole thing, but I couldn’t.  I definitely saw the impact of the diet and how the required portion size to fill you up is significantly less then it was in the past.  At 7:00 p.m. I cooked the spare ribs.  My favorite way to cook them is to broil them in a lobster pot of water for an hour and a half.  You get the meat nice and tender.  Then you throw them on the grill for 3 minutes to get that grill flavor/texture.  Delicous.  I filled up on ribs and I was done eating for the day.
Day 7

This morning’s daily weigh in revealed a weight of 221 lbs.  This is a 2 lb decrease from yesterday and brings my 6 day total loss up to 11 lbs.  I had to pull my belt in an extra notch this morning (or my pants would be falling) so I can definitely tell that my waistline has benefitted from the diet.  Today is veggies, brown rice, and fruit juice.  I plan on grabbing a salad for lunch along with an OJ, and for dinner maybe having the brown rice and throwing into it some vegetables (maybe broccoli or peppers or both).  It’s the last day of the diet so I’m pretty excited that I’ve made it this far without cheating (not even once!)… to be continued

For lunch I ate a salad (lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, and red vinegar) along with OJ.  For dinner I had brown rice and added asparagus and peppers. 

The diet has been completed per the instructions without any cheating or swaying from what it says.  At first it was hard but after the first 3 days it was not bad at all.

I weighed myself this morning (morning after Day 7) and I lost 1 pound from yesterday.  My 7 day total weight loss was 12 pounds. 

I had purchased pants a while ago that was the size under the size that I normally wear because it was a super sale.  This morning I am wearing those pants and they are not even tight on the waist so it is possible to drop a size in one week on the diet.




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