How to Snag Items on Ebay for Excellent Prices

Waffle makers are usually moderately priced, so if you’ve been waiting for one to go on a mini-sale here is your chance.  This waffle maker is marked down $6 from $19.99 to $13.99.  I would guess this is the lowest price you can find one unless a store is going out of business or dumping overstock merchandise.  You will have to pay shipping and handling unless your local store has any in stock and you can do an in-store pickup, or you add another item to get your order to at least $24 (orders of $24 or more ship free).  Now all we need is a sale on the Mrs. Butterworth syrup…

I want to share two of my recent purchases on Ebay (because I got great deals) and also give a tip or two on how you can maybe score a great deal too.  You can see the picture below, I won 2 concert tickets for $0.99 cents (I had to pay $20 for overnight shipping since the concert was occuring in two days) and I won Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HD DVD/Regular DVD combo for $7 ($10 total after shipping).  The concert tickets original price were $35 plus $9 surcharge so total face value per ticket was $44.  I paid $21 for two tickets which originally cost $88 so I saved a cool 76% on this purchase, and for the Harry Potter DVD I just checked and it is selling for $18.99 so I saved myself a sweet 47% there.  The key to finding good deals on Ebay is to use the filters.  The UsedShoe Ebay It! section of the site is set up to use such filters in order to display items selling at a discount.  As an example, in the Under $2 DVD section I set up a filter to only show DVDs whose current auction price is $2 or less and they are sorted by the auction which is expiring the soonest.   A while ago I used the DLP TV search to  get the TV for my family room – and I got it for about 66% cheaper than Costco was selling it for!

If you can’t find what you need in the Ebay It! section you can set up your own filters when you run your own search on Ebay.  Run a search on Ebay and on the left hand side of the page are your filtering options.  There are many options such as price, location, keywords, and more… 

How I snagged the concert tickets for $0.99 cents?  Every now and again I run a search on Ebay for concert tickets.  I have my filter set up to show me only tickets that are for my state, and that are selling for $20 or less.  Sometimes when I run this search there are only 1 or 2 results, and other times there are 20 results.  I place my bid and sometimes an auction slips through the cracks, nobody else bids, and I wind up going to a concert for a dirt cheap price.


Freebie of the Day: Today you can get some freebies at your local Mickey D’s or Dunkin Donuts!  If you purchase a large or a medium drink at McDonald’s you can get their new Southern Style Chicken Biscuit or Chicken Sandwich.  Dunkin Donuts is offering a Free 16oz. Iced Coffee today only also from 10a.m. to 10p.m., no purchase is necessary for this freebie.  Both of these deals are supposed to be nationwide, but just so I don’t receive any backlash in case your local establishment is not participating I would recommend calling ahead.  These freebies are for today, May 15th, Only!

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