If You Use Ebay Then You May Like This…

Here’s a common scenario for me, I want to buy something and I’m going to use Ebay to buy it, but I want to get a great price so I usually log onto Ebay every day and go through the multiple steps to search for what I want every day (you have to type in the product you are looking for, set your price range, eliminate results that are not relevant, etc…). This is a little annoying and if I could bypass the multiple steps and just be able to click one button and get the exact results I want that would be great, wouldn’t it? So in order to help myself (and anyone else who uses Ebay like me) I added an “Ebay It!” section to the site. You can check out the section HERE.  What is this section you ask?  Well let me tell you…  It is a simple and quick way to search Ebay with just one click.  There are 45 different products which you can search Ebay for with one click.  I manually went and filtered how each search works, meaning, if you are looking for a Blu Ray DVD then you probably have no interest in people trying to sell you one for $50, right?  So one of the filters I put in place is a price filter, this way only Good Deals will show up in the search results.  Another common problem is if you search for the phrase “Blu Ray DVD” it may return products such as “blu ray dvd cleaner” or “blue ray dvd cases” or “blu ray dvd scratched”.  Not a problem, I went through all 45 products and tried to filter it as best I could to remove any non-relevent results.  If you search for a laptop you do not have to worry about 200 different laptop batteries cluttering the search results.

Using a quick and easy Ebay search method such as the Ebay It! section has led to me getting quite a few steals, my biggest steal was getting my TV for over $800 less then what Costco was charging for it!!!  One of the products is not really a product, it is a search result that will show you things on Ebay whose selling price is $1 or less (so maybe you can snag something for a buck).  So if you’re an avid Ebay user I’d suggest checking out the section and giving it a whirl to see if it makes life easier.  If you manage to get a great deal through using the Ebay It! section let us know!  Enjoy the feature!

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