Why I Got Rid of Cable

I don’t have cable at home.  I haven’t had cable at home for over a year.  Yes, I am still alive.  So why’d I do it?

Initially the local cable company was going to jack up the price $12 per month (or something very close to that).  I wasn’t getting any additional features but they were going to increase the price by 15%???  So I took my cable box to them and told them ‘thanks, but no thanks’.  I had visions of replacing the local cable with DirecTV so that I could watch every football game under the sun.  But that didn’t go quite as planned because there was no place for them to install the dish and I could not have them drill holes through the walls.  So when football came along I searched the internet and found places that offered me the ability to watch football online.  Now that basketball season is in full swing, I am also able to watch more games online then I ever would on cable (unless I ordered a special package).  Throw into the mix that I can watch all the major networks, ESPN, ESPN2, and literally over 100 more channels online for free and now I have to ask you… WHY ARE YOU PAYING FOR CABLE?  There are also places to watch movies online up the wazoo.  I could literally watch almost anything I ever wanted to online.  And if you have a newer TV and can connect your computer to your TV, then double the pleasure and double the fun!  So cable was running me $70/month (and they wanted to raise it to around $82/month) for the package that was one step above the absolute basic (yes, I know, what a freaking rip-off).  So I am saving myself $70/month x 12 months = $840/year.   If you wanted to, you could take that $70/month, put it aside, and at the end of a year you can buy a brand new 42 or 50 inch Plasma TV and connect your computer to that and it’s like you got it for free (sort of) or go on a nice 7 day cruise to a tropical location.  And, I also have noticed my productivity at home has gone up substantially… UsedShoe.com is a result of my increased productivity :)  .  I still watch the shows that I want to watch, but I no longer sit there with the remote flipping through the channels and watching random nonsense.   So if you feel like making a change I’m throwing this idea out there for ya… dump cable and be happy!  :)~

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3 Responses to “Why I Got Rid of Cable”

  1. inquiring mind Says:

    You should go for a 10 foot dish and get free-to-air channels aka “hillbilly” satellite.

  2. FW Crossover Says:

    I get mailers all the time for Dish at 19.99 per month. I’m still subscribed at that rate. I also get a DVR for abour 6$ per month, and my total bill is less than a third what cable was costing you.

    Look into alternatives. By switching from Dish to DirecTV every year, your bill will never go above 29.99. I find it totally worthwhile, but YMMV.

  3. admin Says:

    For Dish what does that include in terms of channels? I may have to look into that…

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