1 GB SD Memory Card – For Digital Cameras, Digital Picture Frames, etc…

If you have space limitations with your digital camera then maybe you should pick up a memory card (or a larger memory card) and there’s a sale going on that’s just right for you. Newegg has a 1 GB SD Memory card on sale for $3.99 (plus shipping)… Depending on your specific camera, this could hold anywhere from 100 to 1,200 pictures on it. 78% of customers voted this 5 stars, 12% voted it 4 stars so the majority thinks this is a quality item. You can find this item here.  For those who are not digital camera pro’s, this card MAY or MAY NOT work with your camera.  I would read your camera’s instruction manual first to make sure it is supposed to take a “SD Memory Card”.  If it takes a memory stick that is something completely different.  This will also work in many of the digital picture frames so you could store more photos to rotate.  Enjoy the memory card!

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