Watch EVERY NFL Game Online for FREE!!!

Who wants to watch only the local NFL Game? In the U.S. you can only watch all the NFL games if you get DirecTV. The package costs almost $300 so not everyone wants to shell out that money. There is an alternative if you’re sick and tired of watching only the local games…

Watch Live NFL & College Football Games in High Def in Real Time

There are a few different places you can go to get listings of all the football games on the internet that you can watch for free.  The most comprehensive and best place that I have found is   The site is updated daily, usually in the morning but at the very least it is updated 1 hour before kickoff.  The site provides links to the NFL games and college football and offers more links then the other two sites I’ll mention below so it is my personal favorite.  They only keep the listings up for the current day so on a slow football day (like a Thursday night) they only will have the 1 or 2 games that are playing listed so the site looks a little empty.  But don’t let this fool you, on Saturday and Sunday the site will be packed with many many listings.

Another site that I had used in the past is Channelsurfing.  There is a wide variety of sports that Channelsurfing lists but the problem with this site is I don’t want to watch soccer online, I want to watch football.  They do offer links to NFL and NCAA football games, but the amount of links for football listed here does not even begin to compare to the amount that HowToWatchFootball has.  If you do like watching a broad array of sports then you may like this site, but if you’re a football freak like myself this won’t get the job done for you.

You may need to download a program to watch the football games on which is free to download and use, and the program is called SOPCAST. You can find this program at (under their download section).  A second program you may need is TVU Network, and a third program you may need is TVANTS.  You can find the relevant information about these three programs and where to get them here.

Not 100% of the game links work – sometimes the channel is offline or the person who is streaming the game decides to change the channel and thereby changes what you are watching (which is always a bummer). But in my experience about 75% of the game links work so if there are 14 games on in a day, you should be able to watch about 10 to 11 of them. Absolutely awesome for the NFL fan who doesn’t have DirecTV.  On a regular Sunday they will have live feeds for half the games, and for most of the other games they will have a live audio feed. Between these two ways you should be able to get in on the action for at least 75% or more of the games. Enjoy the free NFL!

Finally, if you use a search engine to scour the net for games then let me recommend  You can use Google, or Yahoo, or Ask… but why only use 1 search engine when you can use them all. let’s you search all the major search engines and more from one place.  Search Google, Digg, ESPN, CNN, MySpace, Facebook, and more…  Definitely a time saver and a very convenient way to search and I used it to find all the methods I mention above.

Also, if you know how to hook up your computer to your TV (assuming you have the proper connections, if you’re using a TV from the 1980’s then you’re out of luck) you can watch the games on your TV. Awesomeness!!!

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36 Responses to “Watch EVERY NFL Game Online for FREE!!!”

  1. admin Says:

    FYI: you can also do this to watch college football games as well (not all of them, but usually between 10 to 15 of them on any given Saturday)…(pun intended for those Pacino fans)

  2. neil Says:

    i don’t have any website comment, Thanks.

  3. FUE Says:


  4. FUE Says:


  5. FUE Says:


  6. matt a Says:

    Can’t get the sopcast to work for my mac. Computer says can’t open the webpage starting with sop:. why?

  7. admin Says:

    i don’t know if sopcast is Mac compatible. i would assume it should tell you on the sopcast website. i used the service today (i dont have a Mac though) and it worked fine for me.

  8. matt a Says:

    well thats just great any ideas on where to go to see some football for free

  9. admin Says:

    sorry, if you live in the US you’re kinda screwed. DirecTV screwed everyone over with their monopolistic terms with the NFL. Only they are allowed to show all the games. Yahoo has a program to show all the games but you need to live outside the US for it to work (they check your IP address and where it is located, I tried accessing their site via a portal in Germany and it worked but then it wouldnt let me download the software). So there really isn’t any other option. You can try TVU Player, but you’ll usually get at most one game (at 1:00 they had the Tampa Bay game on the CBS channel). Other then that you’re out of luck, sorry.

  10. admin Says:

    another site that has links to some games and some audio for games is

  11. Sagar Says:

    Ya, that site didn’t work for me either. It keeps saying that “cannot open file” when I try to install it.

    But works. It shows NFL network at least.

  12. FiveBoroFlavor Says:

    Are you suppose to be able to hear the games, when viewing through Sopcast? Is there a plug-in, some other software or I’m not able to hear the game?

  13. admin Says:

    You should be able to hear the game. If you can’t then I’m not really sure where the problem would be, I’ve never run into that.

  14. Ashlee Says: no need to download if you have internet explorer shows NFL & NBA games along with alot of other sports

  15. bider99 Says:

    how do i downlode this to my computer

  16. admin Says:

    download sopcast to your computer by clicking on their download. you may need to be using IE and not firefox, not sure about that. it should be an easy download.

  17. SDH Says:

    I have been using sopcast to get most all of the games for 2 seasons now. Works great for me and I live in NC.

  18. J-Boy Says:

    hey.. yeah i did that stuff with sopcast now but its telling me on every damn game that the channel is offline.. whats up with that?

  19. admin Says:

    The site that streams the games is very touch and go, meaning sometimes they stream a lot, sometimes only a few. But usually between them and I am able to watch about 75% of the games. Also, usually has on one or two games at best.

  20. Anuran Says:

    can u guys pleezz make me watch the football games

  21. Cheryl Says:

    Will this archive the games so you can watch them later? Or can you just watch them live?

  22. admin Says:

    You can only watch them live. Not sure of any sites that store them online. I’d guess that would get a site in trouble with the NFL.

  23. Mack Says:

    Will They Have The Preseason games?

  24. Cuz Says:

    Thanks admin! While this post is almost a year old, the info is not. Keep up the good work.

    Hello from Malaysia!

  25. James Says:

    Yep they show preseason games.

  26. Mack Says:

    i clicked the link on myp2p and nothing comes up..just the sopcast home…

  27. admin Says:

    I just clicked on the link “here” for the MyP2P site and it worked fine for me. Not sure why it doesn’t work for you.

    Here’s the long version of the link for ya:

  28. Boltergeist Says:

    Hi! I just found your site and downloaded everything I need. I have a few questions for you, admin…

    1) I live in New York City. Will this work for me? I read one of your posts that said if you’re in the US you are out of luck. But then I just saw someone post they’ve been doing this for two seasons now and they live in NC. If it’s North Carolina then I should be ok, but an answer from you would be great.

    2) How fast do these videos stream?

    Thanks for your time and help!

  29. Patrick Says:

    Does this work for MNF I know it sounds like a weird question but I live in a rural area and I dont get cable (no ESPN)

  30. admin Says:

    What does not work if you live in the US is college football via Yahoo. Even if you use a proxy site located in Germany it won’t work for you (I tried, lol).

    Yes, will have the MNF games on. Tonight is an example as it has both games.

    The videos stream without delay (as long as your internet connection is fast enough and your computer can handle it). If I put on the MNF game it streams almost real time, maybe a 2 second lag behind my tv.

  31. Luke Says:

    I downloaded SopCast but it keeps telling me can’t retrieve data when I try to watch a game through SopCast. Why is it doing this and what can I do to watch some football?

  32. Luke Says:


  33. admin Says:

    It doesn’t work on every single game Luke. It will worth on maybe 60% of them. But between Sopcast and Channelsurfing you should have access to 75% of the games every Sunday.

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  35. Skooby Says:

    How often can you get Oakland Raider games?

    I had to cancel my directv subscription and I really want to watch the Raiders.

    Please help.

  36. bluecow Says:

    For all you mac users, here’s info on how to run sopcast without having to install Windows thru Bootcamp or Parallels:

    (I just found the website, did not write the info on it. But I used it to make sopcast work on my Intel Mac.)

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