My Top 8 Ebay Tricks of the Trade

This comes from many years of Ebay experience so you should find these very useful…

I’ve used Ebay for years. I’ve been both a buyer and a seller and through my vast experience on Ebay I’ve come to learn some tips and tricks that maybe the average user doesn’t know, and definitely the newbie doesn’t know so I decided it would be beneficial to share these with you, and you can share them with anyone you know who uses Ebay but isn’t a seasoned user…

Here are tips as promised, enjoy and use them to their full potential!


Top 8 Ebay Tricks

Please note: All these
tricks are Ebay Legal.

1. The
Local Pickup
– Run a search for the phrase “local pickup” or “pickup
only”. When you get the results filter them based on the zip code of the
item so that it only shows items near you. What you’ll find is there are
items that people don’t want to ship for whatever reason (i.e. too big,
don’t have a box that’ll fit it, etc…). Because of this it eliminates
the majority of people on Ebay from bidding on these items because they
don’t want to drive far away to pick it up. You will be one of a few bidders
and the item usually will sell at a nice discount (I scored a $1,000 treadmill
for $150 brand new!).
2. Cheap
– If you want to bid on tickets to a concert/sports event/etc…
it is usually best to wait until the last minute as people are desperate
to recoup some of their money when the supply for the tickets is higher
then the demand. I like to wait until the day before the concert if the
tickets can be emailed, or two days before if the tickets need to be overnighted.
Sometimes a seller will have tickets priced for a ridiculous amount like
$500 and you and the seller know the tickets will not sell in the next 24
hours at that price. I’ve contacted the seller before and told them if they
create a Buy It Now auction for a cheaper price I will buy their tickets
and at least they will recoup some of their money back. I’ve scored many
tickets with face values of $75-100 for a price of $5 to $10 by waiting
until the last minute.
3. Save
with Combined Shipping
– Take advantage of combined shipping if
it is offered. You will run across people who say they will combine the
shipping cost if you win multiple auctions from them. If I win an item from
someone and they combine shipping expense I will look at their other auctions
to see if I can take advantage of the combined shipping that they offer.
I usually do this quite often when I buy cologne. Instead of paying $6 shipping
to multiple people I find someone who offers combined shipping and buy all
my cologne from him for a reduced shipping charge.
4. Last
Minute Bidding
– Wait until the last minute to bid your maximum
amount on an item. If I’m willing to pay $100 for something I usually will
bid only $15 on it. Then I will wait until the auction is about the end
and I will go and bid at the last second on it for $100. The reason is this,
you don’t want to give people a lot of time to beat your bid, and by bidding
at the last second you will give them no time to beat your bid, and you
will usually pay less then if you bid your maximum amount early on because
you are minimizing the amount of time other people have to bid the item
up. I’ve saved thousands of dollars by bidding at the last second.
5. Benefit
from Poorly Timed Auctions
– Auctions that end at strange hours
will have fewer people bidding on them at the last minute. If an auction
ends at 4:00 a.m. then there will be less people bidding on it at the last
minute then if it ended at 4:00 p.m., I only stay up to bid last minute
on an auction that ends in the early morning if it is a big ticket item.
I was able to buy my car which had a blue book value of $15,000 for $10,500
and I attribute this to the fact that the auction ended at 3:30 a.m.
6. Protect
Yourself from Seller’s Tricks
– Be aware of tricks that some sellers
use. Make sure you check out how much shipping is before you bid, some people
charge $1 for an item that is worth $20, but they charge $19 for shipping
so you’re not saving any money and if you bid $10 for the item you can be
overpaying because of the high shipping charge. Also, make sure if you are
buying electronics that the auction states that the item is brand new. Some
sellers show a picture of a factory sealed item but that is a stock photo
and they are really selling a refurbished (remanufacturered) item. Make
sure the auction spells out that the item is brand new.
7. Buying
in Bulk
– Sometimes when I need to buy something I come across
a bulk auction for that product where the seller is selling multiple products
in the same auction and the price per unit is significantly less then buying
a single unit on Ebay, so I buy the lot, keep one for myself, sell the rest,
and it works out that my product is free! Let me give you an example: I
wanted to buy a video game and the cheapest I could find this game on Ebay
was for $50. I came across an auction that had the video game I wanted along
with 14 other video games and the auction’s bid at that moment was only
$75 so I bid on it. I won that auction for $90. I took the 14 extra games
and sold them for on average $7 each. So I recouped the $90 that I spent
by selling the extra games and I got the video game I wanted for free.
8. Misspelled
– Sometimes sellers spell the title of their auction
incorrectly and this could open up an opportunity for you to pick
up something cheaper then it should really be. Example: you want to
buy diamond earrings so when you go to Ebay you are going to type
in “diamond earrings” and hit the search button. What if a seller
listed his item as “daimond earrings” (he spelled diamond incorrectly)
by accident? His item would not appear in your search results. You
would need to search for “daimond earrings” to find his item. So the
majority of people looking for diamond earrings will never see his
auction and because of this his auction might sell for far less then
it would have if he spelled the word ‘diamond’ correctly. Here is
a tool to help you find misspelled auctions:


Here are some key keywords that you should add to your searches to narrow it down:


Keywords to Use in Ebay Searches

‘Local Pickup’ or ‘Pickup

‘NWT’ – new with tags

‘BIN’ – buy it now

‘NIB’ – new in box

‘No s/h’ or ‘Free s/h’

‘NR’ – no reserve price

‘MIP’ – mint in package

‘One Day Auction’

‘No Reserve’


‘Today Only’

‘Never Been Used’

‘Must Sell’



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    for the 4 am bid why not use a proxy bidder ?

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